The 2nd Shaoxing International Forum on Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology (SXFRG) will be held on October 19th-21th, 2019 at Shaoxing University, China. It is hosted by Shaoxing University, supported by IAEG & CSRME, and sponsored by more than ten organizations and societies, including ENGEO, NSFC and JRMGE.
   We are planning to invite more than 150 delegates from over 20 countries to attend this conference, including the vice minister of Ecology and Environment of P.R.C, the president, immediate past presidents, past presidents of IAEG, the president of IGS, distinguished guests, well-known experts, scholars and technical consultants in the field of Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics.
   The forum will focus on New Technologies in Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology. The aim of the forum is to share and discuss the experiences and expectations on the development of highly targeted, reliable scientific research and engineering methods and techniques in infrastructure construction. We sincerely invite you to be together on the forum.


        With the rapid advancement of economic globalization, the concept of international strategic cooperation represented by the “Belt and Road” has been increasingly valued by various countries, and has gradually formed a new stage of deep cooperation in infrastructure construction among countries and regions. The successful development of large-scale construction projects requires the joint efforts of experts from the fields of engineering geology and rock mechanics. Therefore, it is necessary for IAEG and ISRM, the two leading scientific societies to further promote the exchanges and cooperation to jointly solve key problems that are constantly emerging in the construction projects.
          Correspondingly, some conventional engineering geological and rock mechanical test, monitoring and survey technologies can no longer meet the challenges of new projects in terms of scale, depth and difficulty. Their improvements together with the introduction of new technologies have become an urgent demand in global engineering construction. At the same time, the different test methods and technical codes of different countries have led to frequent contradictions and difficulties in international engineering cooperation, leading to higher demands for the standardization of technical means.
          Under the above opportunities and challenges, the development of highly targeted, reliable scientific research and engineering methods and techniques is the common goal pursued by the global engineering geology and rock mechanics scholars. This is the topic to be discussed on this forum.

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