The 1st Shaoxing International Forum on Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology was held from October 28th-29th, 2017 at Shaoxing University, China. It was organized by the Secretariat of IAEG, hosted by Shaoxing University and sponsored by IAEG and ISRM. More than 150 delegates from over 10 countries attended this conference, including the president, immediate past presidents, past presidents of IAEG, distinguished guests, well-known experts, scholars and technical consultants in the field of Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics. The theme of this forum is Rock Mechanical and Engineering Geological problems for the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (B&R), including four keynote speeches and 19 general speeches.   The mayor of Shaoxing, the headmaster of Shaoxing University, president of IAEG Scott Burns addressed the event respectively. It was a quite grand occasion, on which so many executive members of IAEG, together with some other well-known scholars, gathered together and presented their la...


        Rapid growth of economy and the accompanied infrastructure construction have significantly shaped the face of the world. Entering into the new century, Chinese government initiated “The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st –Century Maritime Silk Road” (B&R) project to strengthen the connections among huge populations and numerous economic entities located in Eurasia and Africa through massive infrastructure investigation and construction as the foundation of mass transportation. While human beings are more frequently stricken by geological disasters induced by natural forces and engineering activities, the complex geological and geometrical problems involved in B&R ask for higher standards in survey, design, and construction that can only be achieved by extensive collaborations among related countries and their outstanding scientists and engineers.       
        Researchers worldwide with their diligence and wisdom, their interests and passions, have already obtained some remarkable achievements in the related practices. In order to communicate and diffuse those achievements more rapidly and widely, work together to find out more efficient solutions to international challenges, it is really necessary to offer a stage to thoroughly discuss the outstanding issues involved in rock mechanics and engineering geology. Such communications and the common sense achieved would lead us to find a better way to face the even greater challenges in the rest of this century. This is the very purpose of this forum. 

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