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 Introduction to field trip of SXFRG2017

Time: 30th October, 2017

Location: Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China

Two hours’ drive from Shaoxing city.



     Tianhuangping pumped storage power station, the sixth largest pumped storage power station in the world, is located in Anji County of Zhejiang Province, China. The power station construction began in 1994 and was completed and put into operation in 2000. The installed capacity is 1.8 million KW, and the fall between the upper reservoir and the lower reservoir is 607 meters. Now, another pumped storage power station, Changlongshan station, located on the adjacent mountain of Tianhuangping has been under construction since 2015. The total installed capacity is 2.18 million KW, and the water head of the power station has come up to 710 meters, ranking the first place in China and the second place in the world. The c onstruction will be completed in the beginning of 2024. Anji’s bumped storage power installed capacity will become the largest in the world because of the two world-class pumped storage power stations in the same area.

We can send you to Xiaoshan Airport, Hongqiao Airport or Pudong Airport according to your journey plan after field trip.

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